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Amazon Takes On Google With CloudSearch

Amazon has announced the launch of a new AWS (Amazon Web Services) product called CloudSearch which it presents as a business-focused paid for search service.

This means that it will target the likes of Google Search Appliance rather than Google search or Bing. Amazon says that the service can easily be integrated in websites and applications using the same technology being its own search engine, A9.

Customers will have to upload the documents they want to search on Amazon servers rather than have dedicated inhouse hardware plus there's no need to learn about the intricacies associated with hardware provisioning, data partitioning, or software patches.

Amazon gives a cost example with a 100MB data set, 100,000 simple keyword search requests per day, 50 batch uploads per day (1000 1KB files) and 4 IndexDocuments requests per month costing $86.94 per month or around $1000 per year.

In addition there's no capital expenditure associated with buying and managing search software and hardware and no scalability issues as CloudSearch is essentially a pay as you go service.

Source : Amazon (opens in new tab)

Désiré Athow

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