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Does HTC One X Have Screen Flex Flaw?

HTC's flagship smartphone, the One X, may have a design flaw which could cause be embarrassing for the Taiwanese company although it could be down to the way you hold it.

Natasha Lomas, writing for Cnet, found out when reviewing the handset that pushing the edges of the curved screen causes the screen to flex and patches of discoloured pixels to track the user's finger movements.

Another issue is the fact that users can unwillingly activate something on their screen simply by gripping the device's edges tightly.

What's worrying is that the screen flex issue - as she describes it - has affected four different HTC One X handsets and a number of unconfirmed One X owners and users have also confirmed the issue.

One - who works for a major UK phone retail chain - says that the phone displays orange/yellow marks when pressure is applied on the edges of the screen by display clamps.

Perhaps though the solution to this problem is not to press or squeeze it too hard because, after all, that's is still a fragile piece of kit. You can check our own review of the HTC One X.

Source : Cnet

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