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Facebook Users Get Virtual Gaming Console App

Gaikai has announced the launch of a Facebook app that, the start up claims, will deliver "high-end, console quality game experiences" directly to Facebook users.

The company aims to bring together two communities (social networking and gaming) and uses the case of Zynga to prove its point that people don't want to leave Facebook to play games.

The service is similar to Onlive except that it uses the host client rather than a dedicated piece of hardware. In both cases, the bulk of the processing takes place in the cloud and the result is streamed back to the user.

Gaikai says that the service will be available in North America and Europe and those interested can try out a few games for free including Saints Row - The Third, Magicka, Sniper, Farming Simulator 2011 and a few more.

Gamers will need to be in a Gaikai coverage area with a broadband internet connection (a reliable one with a comfortable data allocation) and Java. The service works on all major OSes including Linux and is compatible with all mainstream browsers including Safari.

Gaikai's Facebook App (opens in new tab) can already be downloaded and other than THQ, a number of other games publishers can be expected to sign up.

Désiré Athow

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