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Gartner Predicts Windows to be on 4% of Tablets in 2012, 11.8% by 2016

Gartner places Microsoft's Windows in the back of the pack when predicting tablet sales for this year. The group also claims that Apple will continue to dominate the market for the few years, with Android falling well-behind.

Gartner, a technology research and advisory firm based in Connecticut, estimates that almost 119 million tablet devices will be sold this year. A big portion of them, 73 million to be more precise, will be built by Apple while Android OS will be featured on just 38 million slates.

When it comes to Windows, the group predicts that Microsoft will only sell around 4.8 million devices this year. Considering the fact that a tablet-optimised version of the operating system should be launched later this fall, that number seems realistic.

The "problem" comes when the group assessed Microsoft's share with a wider timeline, until 2016. Gartner predicts that Windows 8 and its future siblings won't leave an important impact on the consumer market and in four years, the vendor will only claim 11.8 per cent of all existing tablets.

All numbers mentioned above and illustrated in the table below refer to media tablets, meaning slate devices powered by an optimised operating system. Carolina Milanesi, the VP of Gartner Research, advised Zdnet (opens in new tab)that Windows 7 cannot be included in this category.

Microsoft has high hopes for its upcoming OS, so is unlikely to be happy with this prediction.

Source and Image Credit: TechCrunch (opens in new tab)