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Google Makes Flipboard-rival Currents International

Google has announced that its magazine app called Currents will be available worldwide. The service was launched back in December in the US and has attracted nearly 400 publishers with more than 14,000 self-produced editions on offer.

The app, which is available on Android and iOS (but not on Windows for now) allows you to browse through online magazines using the now familiar finger swiping.

Google also released a free producer for anyone interested in self publication. Unlike the likes of Swipe, users will need to download the free app in order to consume the content. Swipe in comparison, repurposes the website's content for tablet consumption.

What's more the new version of Current adds two important features; the ability to translate content on the fly to one of the 38 supported languages (although the quality is likely to be average) and the ability to get content synced automatically.

The latter will also allow offline reading - including pictures which comes handy for people travelling on planes and trains while the former will be determined by the publishers themselves.

Source : Google (opens in new tab)

Désiré Athow

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