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ICANN New Internet Suffix Deadline Is Today

Companies who want a personalised web suffix have only today left to ensure that an application reaches the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

This means there's not much time left to move for firms, such as Canon and Google, who have already signed up to the process, along with 837 others. It costs £116,000 for a custom generic Top Level Domain (gTLD).

Canon, for example, will likely bag the .canon gTLD, or Pepsi could plump for .pepsi, or .gatorade. The maximum amount of suffixes an organisation can purchase is 50, although it is unlikely that anyone will be going quite that far.

Google told the BBC: "We plan to apply for Google's trademarked gTLDs, and we're currently exploring opportunities to apply for new ones as well. We want to help make this a smooth experience for web users - one that promotes innovation and competition on the internet."

ICANN has previously stated it will reveal the list of applications for new gTLDs at the end of April, so we should get to know exactly who has applied for what name, before the month is out.

Rod Beckstrom, President and CEO of ICANN, noted: "Our plan always has been to publish the list of applied-for strings approximately two weeks after the close of the April 12th application window. Setting a target date gives people the opportunity to plan for this highly anticipated event."

However, Beckstrom added, if ICANN receives an "overwhelming" number of applications, the publication of the list of strings might be postponed.

Source: BBC