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Intel Announces 75 Upcoming Ultrabook Designs

Intel has announced that 75 designs of ultrabooks are already in development, where these models include some hybrid models - which can switch from laptop, to a touchscreen tablet form factor.

The company also expects the starting price of these devices to begin at $699 (£440). The current starting price for an ultrabook is around $800 (£500), just as a comparison. Intel has also invested $300 (£19) million in companies that are developing ultrabook technologies.

Intel announced the ultrabook concept last May, with the aim to create laptops that are light and thin, and that feature a long battery life. Since then, 21 ultrabooks have been released on the computer buying market, with more coming our way, according to Kirk Skaugen, Intel's general manager for the PC Client group. There will also be models that feature touchscreens for Windows 8, and the hybrid designs. "I think we can deliver the best of a tablet, and the best in what (users) know in a notebook," Skaugen said.

At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, Lenovo showed an ultrabook named the IdeaPad Yoga. This device featured a touchscreen display, with the ability to flip into a tablet while running from Windows 8. Microsoft will release this latest version of Windows later this year.

The ultrabooks also have a new dedicated advertising campaign launched by Intel, to raise the profile and awareness of the devices.

Source: PC Advisor (opens in new tab)