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Intel Prepares Xeon & Atom CPUs Based On Ivy Bridge

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Intel has decided to take the booming micro server market seriously with an Intel Atom and two or more Xeon processors based on Ivy Bridge spotted by Cnet in a leaked document.

The Xeon processors use the 22nm 3D Trigate manufacturing process and should be shipped before the end of this quarter.

There should be at least two of them since the leak mentions Low Voltage processors. The TDP hasn't been disclosed but given that the current Xeon E3-1220L dissipates 20W, one can expect the new IB Xeon processors to sport similar figures.

As for the Atom chip aimed at the server market, it is a 64-bit model, has a TDP of 6W, bears a new code name - Centerton - and will pack two cores with expected delivery window scheduled for the second half of 2012.

The HP Proliant range of microservers, using AMD processors, has proved to be fairly popular and given that AMD has now purchased Sea Micro, which used to be close partner of Intel for ultra low power servers, it does make sense for the semiconductor giant to start flexing its muscles.

The big test will come when ARM partners - Nvidia, TI, Qualcomm, Nufront and others - start pumping out chips targetting the server market and ODMs start delivery ARM-based servers. That shouldn't take long.

Source : Cnet

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