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Intel Small Business Advantage Platform Launched

Intel has just launched its Small Business Advantage Platform, which the company says provides small businesses with a number of useful features in terms of monitoring and back-up, without comprising on productivity.

The platform, unveiled at IDF in Beijing, runs on second generation Core i3, i5 and i7 processors across desktops and laptops, offering six applications which monitor the health and help maintain the security of a machine.

It's designed to be easy to use, and offer a time saving solution to smaller businesses which lack dedicated IT personnel, and find it difficult to deal with issues such as security and back-ups. The system can automatically implement software updates, maintenance tasks, and schedule back-ups, doing so after business hours so as not to interrupt the user's productivity during the day.

An app is also included to facilitate energy saving, and the system is designed to be fully customisable by resellers, who can also brand it with their own logo before pushing it to SMB clients.

Teri McFaul, product line manager for Intel's Business Client Platform Division, commented: "One of the really cool things is that we have allowed the resellers to be able to customize the user interface. They can add in their own logos and they can drop in their own apps into our carousel, so it looks like one really nicely integrated, small business solution with differentiations from that reseller."

Source: CRN