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Intel SSD 910 PCI-Based High Performance Drive Unveiled

Intel has announced the release of a new solid-state drive designed for extreme performance and reliability, to be suitable for data centre demands.

The Intel SSD 910 is PCIe-based (as opposed to SATA) and comes in two sizes, 400GB and 800GB.

PCIe offers a hugely improved performance over SATA, with the 800GB drive boasting 2GB/s sustained sequential reads and 1GB/s sequential writes, and up to 180,000 4K random read Input-Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and 75,000 4K random write IOPS.

As well as that sort of super nippiness, Intel has utilised its High Endurance Technology and optimized multi-level cell 25nm NAND flash memory, to allow for up to 10 full drive writes per day for a period of five years.

Should you be drooling over those performance specs, however, there's not much chance of these drives seeing the inside of an average PC - they are enterprise solutions. The SSD 910 will set you back $1,929 for the 400GB model and $3,859 for the 800GB variant, with a five year warranty.

Roger Peene, director of data centre SSD marketing for the Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, commented: "The Intel SSD 910 Series is a complete solution that delivers on all fronts: high performance, endurance and reliability, making it ideal for replacing I/O-intensive HDDs."

"As a leader in SSD technology, data centre IT professionals can have confidence in a tier-one, easy-to-install SSD solution backed by Intel quality, reliability and technical support."

The 910 series of drives is expected to be available come the middle of the year.

Darren Allan

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