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Kindle Touch Updated to 5.1.0 with Landscape View, Foreign Languages

Kindle Touch owners can now download a new software update, version 5.1.0, which will enhance the eBook reader with more than a couple features. Amongst them we can note foreign language support, a landscape viewing mode and several others.

Version 5.1.0 comes with on-screen keyboard suggestions that automatically present words while typing, Facebook and Twitter integration that allows users to share links and comments on social platforms and even a Read-to-Me feature, which allows the Kindle Touch to read content written in English.

The device is now compliant with WPS and WPA2 Enterprise networks, as these encryption methods come as enhancements to Wi-Fi connectivity.

Due to a new format adopted by Kindle, the general layout has been improved and books will now look better. This feature goes well with the new landscape mode supported by the reader since it allows users to switch between orientations while viewing books and PDF files.

The newly updated languages include: German, French, Spanish, Italian, English (US or UK) or Brazilian Portuguese. These languages also allow the translation of any words into others, using a simple tap.

Amazon released the update a couple of hours ago and although users can download it right away, AtoZ will deliver it over Wi-Fi in the coming weeks as well. The update only works with Kindle Touch models, which can be purchased for £169 (opens in new tab).

Source: Amazon (opens in new tab)