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London Apple Store Is Preparing For Olympics

In less than four months, London will be the host of the Olympics, and tourists, journalists and all sorts of visitors will take the city by storm. Apple plans to be ready for them.

A recent London Business Network report suggests that 325,000 people will come to London during the games and Apple officials hope that some of them will visit the local Apple Store.

"London is going to be overrun by an onslaught of journalists when the games begin. We want to be prepared should they need help with their equipment during the time they are here," said a high level Apple retail employee.

According to the estimates, over 10,000 international journalists, some of them Mac users, will head to London on July 27, when the games are set to begin. The number doesn't include the crowds of photographers, editors, new media journalists and bloggers.

The Apple Store from London increased its inventories of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The employees are also preparing international MacBook keyboards and other spare parts.

source: TUAW

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