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Microsoft May Buy 50% of RIM Stocks

Rumours have it that Microsoft may be willing to invest in RIM after-all, by purchasing a healthy dose of the Canadian-based company's shares. The investment could be for up to 50 per cent of the total worth, leaving enough room for an interesting partnership as well.

This means Microsoft could invest up to $3.5 billion in the estimated $6.85 billion value company. This would be enough for Microsoft to have a controlling stake in the company.

This harkens back to 2011, when unknown sources reported that Microsoft and Nokia could invest in a partnership to purchase RIM.

This new partnership would certainly please the Canadian government, which explicitly expressed its approval a couple of weeks ago.

Moreover, AOL's latest sale of 800 patents to Microsoft raised interest in RIM's own collection. On Monday, the American giant gained over $1 billion from the transaction, so the large sum that may be invested in RIM should not be of great concern.

Besides Microsoft, other interested companies such as Cisco are waiting in the wings.

Source: Benzinga