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Noon News: iPhone 5 Hinted, Intel Announces 75 Designs for Ultrabooks, Windows Phone Netflix App in UK

We have fresh information regarding the next iPhone (opens in new tab) and it comes directly from Apple. Some labourious writers from 9to5Mac have managed to peep at the iOS internal code, and discovered some strings that could point to a new iPhone with 1GB of RAM. Apple's aim is to test an iPhone prototype version of A5X, the chip that powers the new iPad. According to the report, Apple has used in the iPhone prototype a variation of A5X codenamed S5L8945X.

Intel has announced that 75 designs of ultrabooks (opens in new tab) are already in development, where these models include some hybrid models - which can switch from laptop, to a touchscreen tablet form factor. The company also expects the starting price of these devices to begin at $699 (£440). The current starting price for an ultrabook is around $800 (£500), just as a comparison.

IBM is going up against rivals such as Oracle and HP (opens in new tab) with its latest innovation, PureSystems. The line of products is touted as a "major step forward in a new, simpler era of computing", and offers clients an alternative to the current enterprise computing model, where multiple systems are both costly and a headache to set up and maintain.

Originally developed back in November 2010, (opens in new tab) the Windows Phone version of Netflix has been made available internationally. In the list of included countries we can finally find Ireland and the United Kingdom. Netflix has been available for U.S. and Canadian inhabitants on handsets running on Microsoft's OS since 2010, but it took the service a year and a half to extend its support overseas.

Oracle is, as you're almost certainly aware, (opens in new tab) the biggest database player in the world - and in a position to maintain that lead for some time yet. However, the company is facing a problem, and that problem is known as "big data". Simply put, this is the term used to describe massive sets of unstructured (or semi-structured) data, which is a huge headache to work with in terms of database management.

Ravi Mandalia

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