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Signs of Windows Phone 8 Appearing in I'm WP7, Again

More evidence of Windows Phone 8 has appeared in the wild, with the social networking app I'm WP7 having traces of Apollo. As a bonus, the build number has also been captured, and we can now expect the OS to arrive as build 8.0.9662.0.

I'm WP7 is an application that can be easily found inside the Market, and although its purpose doesn't relate to statistics and leaking traces of unreleased version, it does have a "Device Statistics" section. In here, every platform using the app is registered and as signs show, someone is using Windows Phone 8.0 Apollo.

Tagged as build 8.0.9662.0, Apollo is reported as running on 1% of devices. Browser tests revealed yesterday that the same version was found browsing the web, strengthening beliefs that the OS is already being developed by Microsoft.

Moreover, Scott Peterson, developer of I'm a WP7, claims the tracks originate from an Emulator and not from a spoofed client. Also, the Time Zone Offset lines up with the Pacific Coast.

WPCentral (opens in new tab) also claims they have it "on good word" that WP8 has begun testing, internally known as "dogfooding", on March 30th.

Windows Phone 8 is expected to be a major upgrade for Microsoft's mobile OS and it should be released during this fall. Some of its rumoured features include support for dual-core processors and HD resolutions.