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Sony's "One" Strategy Relies on Smartphones, Cameras and Gaming

Sony officials were expected to release a new plan to avoid further profit loss today, and Kaz Hirai, the newly appointed CEO, was the one to make the statement. The Japan-based firm is putting its efforts into three crucial segments in its future evolution: digital imaging, gaming and mobile.

Going by the name of "One Sony", Hirai's new plan targets the company's core business and turning around TV sales, which have dropped in the past year due to tougher competitors like Apple and Samsung.

One of the segments the company relies on is digital imaging, a resource which is not expected to grow in the future because of smartphones that come packed with pretty decent lenses, but Hirai thinks that Sony can evolve faster than the market and bring a stable profit with interchangeable lens cameras.

Sony also plans to bring its cellphone, tablet and Vaio lines under the same roof and under the same leader: Kunimasa Suzuki, future CEO of Sony Mobile.

This strategy comes as a direct results to Sony's last four years of profit loss and a recently-concluded 2011 which brought about more than $6.4 (or £4) billion in losses and rumours of the company shedding more than 10,000 employees.

In the last part of the conference, the new CEO confirmed these cuts as part of lowering costs for their TV business, one that will now be dropped after eight years of losses.

Source: TheVerge (opens in new tab)