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Apple Hints At 1GB iPhone And iPod Touch 5

We have fresh information regarding the next iPhone and it comes directly from Apple. Some labourious writers from 9to5Mac have managed to peep at the iOS internal code, and discovered some strings that could point to a new iPhone with 1GB of RAM.

Apple's aim is to test an iPhone prototype version of A5X, the chip that powers the new iPad. According to the report, Apple has used in the iPhone prototype a variation of A5X codenamed S5L8945X.

The new iPhone prototype is also said to feature 1GB of RAM, the same as the new iPad powered by A5X.

The internal name for the next iPhone prototype is N96, but surely this is not going to be the final name for the next iPhone - which we hope to be named iPhone 5 and not the new iPhone.

On the other hand, some voices believe (opens in new tab) that we might be indeed introduced to "the new iPhone" as Apple seems to have an elaborate branding strategy.

Apparently, Apple is also working on a new iPod Touch model. The hint seems to be also inside iOS 5.1. A file in the latest iOS version has revealed a device codenamed iPod 5,1.

As always, there is no official information from Apple that would shed some light on these findings.

Source: 9to5Mac (opens in new tab)

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