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VMware’s Cloud Foundry: “Linux Of The Cloud”

The CTO of VMware, Steve Herrod, has some big plans for the company's app development platform, Cloud Foundry.

At an event marking the one year anniversary of the platform's roll out, he boasted: "We really are aspiring for this to be the Linux of the cloud."

He believes open source and open cloud management is the future of the industry, and that's a pretty safe bet, we'd say, given the rise of open source software in the cloud sector, and its obvious benefits on the cost front.

At the event, VMware announced what it was going to push these big open source plans onwards, namely speeding up the process for testing and deploying code on Cloud Foundry.

Furthermore, the company is adding to the Cloud Foundry code base with BOSH components allowing for the engineering, deployment and management of large scale services, encompassing all cloud technologies.

Mark Lucovsky, Vice President of engineering at VMware, noted: "This is not a collection of shell scripts or pile of Perl. It's built for large scale clusters using hundreds of VMs and useful for small multi-node and tier clusters."

Herrod further noted that third party contributions made up the majority of the work on the Cloud Foundry code, not VMware's efforts. Over the last year, Cloud Foundry has racked up some 75,000 downloads.

Source: The Register