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Yammer Acquires OneDrum

The business social networking site, Yammer, has expanded its portfolio of services with the acquisition of OneDrum.

OneDrum is a service that allows real time peer-to-peer editing of Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) through Google Docs. The application enables users to collaborate, share and edit these documents in real time.

Yammer already has its own real time editor, Pages.

With the acquisition of OneDrum, Yammer will be able to boost its own editor feature with desktop syncing capabilities, which will allow file folders to be shared on multiple desktops.

New changes and updated versions will also be able to be viewed in the Yammer Ticker, and users will have the option of reverting to a previously saved version of their document. Users' documents can also be edited on the move, through mobile devices, and co-edited in real time.

Document data in motion will be encrypted using 256-bit SSL/TLS with data at rest being encrypted using 256-bit AES to ensure security for users. Documents can be made read-only by administrators and viewing permissions can also be controlled.

Once the deal is completed, the merge will begin with all of OneDrum's employees joining Yammer, under the watchful eye of CEO Jasper Westaway. As Yammer is wanting to make OneDrum as a desktop client available by the summer, the merger is set to be a quick one.

Source: CNET (opens in new tab)