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Ahead Of iPhone 5, The iPhone 4S Still Drives Big Demand

A new report from ChangeWave Research revealed that more than half of prospective smartphone buyers prefer Apple's latest iPhone.

The survey was focused on the answers provided by 4,413 consumers, most of them Americans, from the early-adopter category.

The research firm takes periodical surveys on the purchase intention of customers. This time, 56 per cent of the polled people said they want an iPhone 4S, by two per cent more compared to the previous survey, published last December.

Apple's fifth generation iPhone only reached a higher score than this at the release, when 65 per cent of the people declared they wanted an iPhone 4S. Meanwhile, Apple's main rival, Samsung, holds on to the second position, with 13 per cent.

The South Korean manufacturer had the same percentage this March as it did three months ago. Conversely, Motorola lost one per cent and now only 6 per cent of the polled customers admitted they want a smartphone from this brand.

The same report shows RIM's BlackBerry at the bottom of the hierarchy with 3 per cent purchase intent, up one per cent compared to December 2011.

Source: Tech CNN (opens in new tab)

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