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AM News: Google+ Gets a Spring Revamp, Amazon Updates Kindle Touch OS, Apple Accused of eBook Price Rig

Google has given its social networking site, Google+, a major spring clean with a redesign and a new set of features. Navigation of the site has been vastly improved to make the user experience much easier and simpler. The pages now feature a vertical tool bar of icons that direct to the homepage, profile and photos, among others. The icons can also be customised according to the individual user's wishes.

Kindle Touch owners can now download a new software update, version 5.1.0, which will enhance the eBook reader with more than a couple features. Amongst them we can note foreign language support, a landscape viewing mode and several others. Version 5.1.0 comes with on-screen keyboard suggestions that automatically present words while typing, Facebook and Twitter integration that allows users to share links and comments on social platforms and even a Read-to-Me feature, which allows the Kindle Touch to read content written in English.

A Seattle court judge has found in favour of Microsoft, granting a temporary restraining order in a patent dispute with mobile giant Motorola. This particular corner of the global patent wars saw Microsoft last week announcing plans to shift its German-based European distribution centre to the Netherlands, as the company feared a German court decision might mean an injunction on the sale of products such as the Xbox and Windows 7.

The U.S. Justice Department is set to decide if Apple and the publisher Macmillan conspired to raise prices for e-books. Both companies refused to engage in settlement talks with the Justice Department and preferred to face the antitrust lawsuit. Apple is accused of signing agreements with the publishers in order to change the way e-books for iPads are priced.

The business social networking site, Yammer, has expanded its portfolio of services with the acquisition of OneDrum. OneDrum is a service that allows real time peer-to-peer editing of Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) through Google Docs. The application enables users to collaborate, share and edit these documents in real time.