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BlackBerry Is Searched More On Google Than iPhone 5

This is something we haven't heard in a few years, but it seems that Research in Motion has finally found a way to top Apple.

According to the recent report from Greenlight, a company that specialises in advertising research and social trends, people looked more on Google for BlackBerry smartphones - than they looked for the iPhone 5 or even iPhone 4S.

The report is based on an analysis of 13 million Google queries, from UK Google users. The report on the British consumers' search behaviour has revealed that brands from RIM and Amazon top the popularity polls on Google.

"Kindle was the most queried consumer electronics term, attracting 823,000 searches. Blackberry followed with 673,000" says the Brown Goods Sector Report. The Apple upcoming iPhone was a very popular Google search, as 450,000 searches were for the term 'iPhone 5'

Oddly enough, the latest iPhone that is already successful on the market has raised less interest than its possible successor, with only 368,000 Google users looking for iPhone 4S. Apple took its revenge though, in the audio and accessories sector.

The report reveals that iPod was the most searched keyword, with over 300,000 queries. This relates to almost 25 per cent of the searches in that category.

Source: GreenLightDigital (opens in new tab)

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