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IBM And Red Hat Sign Up For OpenStack Foundation

Open source cloud platform OpenStack has just gained some powerful allies.

The OpenStack Foundation is an independent body which is being created to promote the OpenStack mission, and protect the software and community around it. In a blog post, it was announced that the organisation has recruited a number of allies who support its creation and role.

The major players who have signed up to be "platinum members" of the Foundation include IBM and Red Hat, along with AT&T, Canonical, HP, Nebula, Rackspace and SUSE.

New gold members include Cisco, ClearPath, Cloudscaling, Dell, DreamHost, ITRI, Mirantis, Morphlabs, NetApp, Piston Cloud Computing and Yahoo. That's a total of nineteen firms throwing their weight, and some considerable funding, behind the Foundation.

The next stage for the Foundation is to form a drafting committee and, using the legal expertise of some of the above firms, write the detailed bylaws, reaching a final draft for ratification by the OpenStack Community come Q3 2012.

Jonathan Bryce, OpenStack Project Policy Board and co-founder of Rackspace Cloud, commented: "In less than two years, we've had five software releases from hundreds of contributors from more than 50 companies, and the cloud operating system has grown from two core projects to five core projects across compute, storage and networking."

"The formation of a Foundation is about preserving and accelerating what's working and moving the community building activities to a neutral long-term home with a broad base of support."

The move is some positive news for the project, following Citrix's announcement that it is switching focus to CloudStack, a rival open source platform.