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Intel Reckons Retina Quality Laptop Displays Will Arrive In 2013

The Intel Developer Forum (IDF) has just finished over in Beijing, and a number of interesting snippets of information have emerged.

One of which is Intel's view of what's set to happen in the display world concerning notebooks next year, with the anticipated arrival of "rich displays". These are simply high pixel count displays which already exist when it comes to Apple's iPhone and new iPad.

The resolution of these is so high, they're known as "retina quality", meaning that at the intended viewing distance of the particular device, the human eye can't distinguish one pixel from another, so the image seems perfectly smooth to us.

Laptops are lagging behind Apple's iGadgets in this respect, as while their users are sat further from them than a smartphone or tablet, the notebook's relative resolution is still quite low. Many are still stuck on 1366x768, not a particularly impressive resolution, particularly for the slightly larger portables out there.

According to Intel, however, rich displays are coming to notebooks and smaller all-in-ones as soon as next year. The firm expects 11 inch Ultrabooks will soon enough boast a resolution of 2560x1440, and 13 inch models will further up that to 2800x1800.

15 inch laptops - and a 21 inch all-in-one PC - will be looking at displays with a resolution of 3840x2160, the company claims. That's a serious ramping up on today's 1080p HD displays, which larger laptops carry - and of course most TVs (the difference with the latter being a hugely increased viewing distance).

Intel also wants thinner panels, better viewing angles, and more efficiency in terms of battery drainage.

However, next year seems rather early for this sort of technology to be popping up. Certainly, it may arrive in a limited form, but it's unlikely to be mainstream given cost issues.

Particularly seeing as Intel is working hard to keep Ultrabook costs down and competitive at the moment - whacking a super-res display on them isn't likely to help in 2013. There are other issues, too, such as needing much chunkier mobile GPUs to deal with these sort of high resolutions - again, adding to the cost factor.

The high-end notebooks of 2013, however, are going to look very tasty if this prophecy does indeed come true.

Source: Liliputing (opens in new tab)

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