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LogMeIn Launches Cubby, With Free 5GB Of Cloud Storage

LogMeIn has just launched a beta version of Cubby, which is a cloud storage service that can be used across any Mac, PC, iOS or the Android platform. It has a unique sharing system that allows users to sync more files, than its competitors.

The main difference between Cubby and other services is that users don't have to move files to a different folder on the server, but simply enable cloud syncing and every modification made will be copied to all locations.

Additionally, any peer-to-peer syncing can be done without limits. Cubby allows unlimited transfers, so those wanting just to transfer files between devices, without storing a copy in the cloud, can do so - without having to worry about traffic.

Customisation options are also available, allowing users to choose which devices should see the updated versions of files, and which will not. All these files can be shared with friends as well, through the use of a desktop client, which is compatible with Macs and PCs or, an on an application for Android, iPads and iPhones.

Those relying on the classic approach - where all files are dragged on a single folder - the service has "My Cubby", has a folder similar to the one found on Dropbox.

Cubby relies on the LogMeIn's own cloud features, which makes the service a bit more secure and less expensive for the company.

Known for its remote desktop software, LogMeIn offers with Cubby 5GB of free storage space in the beta, with more options promised upon launch. Users can now join without any cost attached, just by requesting an invitation (opens in new tab).