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Microsoft Roadmap Pegs Office 15, 365, IE10 and Apollo

Microsoft has just released a roadmap containing release intervals for some of their most important products. The list includes Microsoft's Office 15, Internet Explorer 10, Office 365 and other noteworthy software, like Windows Phone.

The roadmap was made available only to some Microsoft partners, but it seems that Maarten Visser, CEO of Meetroo, took some screen shots and shared them on Twitter. The document was marked as confidential, dated from 22 December 2011 and was described later on by Microsoft as just a preliminary version.

Although not final, the leaked pictures show that Internet Explorer 10 could be released very soon. It's marked for the first half of this year and the best guess for the Windows client to introduce it is Windows 8 Release Candidate.

Microsoft's Office 15 package should be available starting with the first quarter of 2013, with a public beta marked for the first half of this year also. As for Office 365, the software should be updated frequently until 2013 and from that point on, once every quarter.

Information regarding Windows Phone OS is also available, but vaguer that we expected. The only dot on the map is situated in the third quarter of 2012 and although it's only marked as "Future Investments", this should be Microsoft's upcoming update: WP8, codenamed Apollo.

No precious details could have been found about Windows 8, the roadmap missing widely-known information like the release of Consumer Preview. The file is available below and pegs other services as well.

Source: Zdnet (opens in new tab)