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Splashtop Allows Windows 8 "To Run" On iPad 2, New iPad

It's an eerie view, Windows 8 Beta/Consumer Preview, running on an iPad but that has been made possible thanks to a company called Splashtop which launched an app called Win8 Metro Testbed.

Strictly speaking though, the OS doesn't run on the iPad. Instead, users can remotely control the OS from a slave machine using swipes, gestures and classic keyboard entries.

The App normally costs $44.99 but is available for sale for $24.99 for a limited period. Like most remote desktop solutions, there's a client and a server.

The free server software is installed on the Windows 8 computer and you can access it after typing a pre-agreed password. Remotely running Windows 8 on a local network is fast as expected with gestures, swiping and pinching smooth and without lag.

Another alternative to Splastop would be Teamviewer which is available both for PC and iPad app. It would be interesting to see whether Microsoft launches a web-based demo just like it did for Windows Phone 7 back in November 2011.

In essence, Splashtop shows that Microsoft doesn't necessarily have to run Windows 8 on an Apple tablet platform to make it an interesting pseudo cloud-based OS.

Désiré Athow

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