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SumOfUs Says That Apple Won’t Improve Working Conditions At iPad Factories

The report on working conditions at Foxconn facilities has been published leading Apple to make some commitments to ease the life of the people who slave over iDevices.

The situation is not as simple as that, however.

The Sum of Us organization warns the public that there are serious reasons for concern and Apple might employ distraction techniques to make its fanbase forget this PR nightmare.

Apple promised to solve the situation with Foxconn employees risking their health working overtime for ridiculously small wages.

The improvements in the workers' lives will be noticeable in the short term, according to a Sum Of Us report, but beyond that there won't be any big changes. "Apple is hoping that in fifteen months, we'll have forgotten about this report and its promises," warns the organization.

There is reason to suspect this might happen, considering that in 2006, Apple conducted similar investigation at Foxconn. At the time, the report revealed the abuses and Apple committed to have Foxconn "enforce the weekly overtime limits set by Apple's Code of Conduct." Six years later, there has been no change.

In order to pressure Apple to keep its promises to the workers across the globe, Sum Of Us has started a complex campaign. The organization plans rallies outside Apple's events and online ad campaigns, including on Facebook.

The organization members will attend Apple conferences to raise awareness about the situation and to build up media interest. Moreover, Sum Of Us plans to conduct research to check out the situation in the Foxconn plants.

Source: SumOfUs Newletter

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