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The New iPad Doesn't Impress With Online Traffic Stats

Jumptap, a mobile ad network, has released its latest Mobile STAT report on the mobile ecosystem - where the report reveals the traffic data figures behind the iPad.

The new iPad came out strong in the first days after the release, but later the usage of the new Apple tablet dropped.

Previous iPad models also revealed an intriguing traffic usage, in the first week after the new iPad was unveiled.

"One interesting pattern here is that the iPad 3 seems to be stealing traffic share from the iPad 2. This suggests that iPad 2 users may be more likely to switch to the iPad 3 than users of the original iPad," states the report.

Between the 16th and 21st of March, the new iPad accounted for the highest percentage of iPad traffic. On the 21st of March, it reached to 2.28 per cent.

An additional report, this time from Localytis, pointed out (opens in new tab) six days after the new iPad hit the shelves that "the cellular-enabled variants seem to be comparatively unpopular."

The driving force behind Apple's latest tablet is the Retina display and not the support for LTE, because the uber-fast connection is crushing users' limited data plans.

Source: JumpTap (opens in new tab)

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