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Two Teens Arrested Over Terrorism Hotline Breach

Two teenagers have been arrested over their suspected involvement in the compromising of an anti-terror hotline.

Previously, claims had emerged that the terror hotline had been breached by hackers, but police denied this was the case, and assured the public that the system had remained secure.

Yesterday, Ailsa Beaton, director of information at Scotland Yard, issued a statement which said: "The public can remain confident in the ability to communicate in confidence and that the integrity of the Anti-Terrorist Hotline remains in place."

Hackers from the notorious Team Poison had posted videos on YouTube which apparently showed police officers discussing operations, and them talking on the hotline. Team Poison claimed it wasn't a difficult proposition to crack the system.

These arrests have followed swiftly, with a 16 and 17-year-old being taken into custody by e-Crime officers. The pair are from the West Midlands, and were arrested on suspicion of offences violating the Malicious Communications Act and the Computer Misuse Act.

According to the BBC, the Metropolitan Police stated that the Team Poison recordings hadn't been made via a breach of internal systems, but rather they had been recording externally from the receiving handset.

Whatever the exact nature of the breach, it's clear this pair are in some grave trouble, as the authorities don't look particularly kindly on being messed about when it comes to anti-terrorism. Even a joke tweet about Doncaster Airport can get you into serious bother.

Source: BBC