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US Nokia Lumia 900 Has An Internet Connection Bug

Nokia's flagship smartphone hit the shelves on Sunday in America and enjoyed a warm welcome from its customers. The mobile is a larger version of last year's Lumia 800 and comes with the promise of 4G connectivity.

Despite its top selling position on the Amazon US charts, the Lumia 900 has a serious issue. Nokia advertises its new Windows Phone device as "an amazingly fast way to connect" but in fact, the Lumia 900 can lose its data connection - due to a software bug.

"It's like they stalled their engine when everybody is looking at them at the start of their race," said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi. Nokia has acknowledged the problem but pointed to "a memory management issue" that can be attributed to the software, not to the hardware.

Now that the problem has been identified, the company has started to manufacture bug-free devices, which will be available after the 16th of April.

The customers who bought a Nokia Lumia 900 before 21st of April will be entitled to a $100 compensation from Nokia. The smartphone is currently only available in US, Canada and the UK (as a pre-order).

The Lumia range was designed to challenge Apple's iPhones and even Samsung's high-end handsets.

Source: Telegraph UK (opens in new tab)

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