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Video Appears Online Of How The New iPad Is Made

Rob Schmitz, from the Marketplace Shanghai Bureau, was the second journalist to visit the Foxconn facilities of late.

The highlights of this rare tour have been detailed (opens in new tab) on Reporter's Notebook, where he has released a short video of the workers who assemble the iPads. In the two-minute video, we get to see how these tablets are actually assembled.

Some of the operations are automated, but the manual labour is extremely widespread and important. Some assembly steps only take seconds to complete, where the workers here need to be accurate and fast.

In order to avoid monotony and attention distraction that comes with the assembly, workers change their stations once every few days. "The first misconception I had about Foxconn's Longhua facility in the city of Shenzhen was that I've always called it a ‘factory' -- technically, it is," admits Rob Schmitz.

Almost a quarter million people work at these facilities, and nearly 50,000 of them live on site. The average age of the worker is between 18 to 25 years, where most of the Foxconn employees are migrant workers.

The complex includes fast food restaurants, banks, stores, a library, basketball and tennis courts, large swimming pool areas and much more.

Source: MarketPlace (opens in new tab)

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