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Apple Increases App Store Security

Apple has introduced new heightened security measures, for users of their app store.

Users are now asked to choose three different security questions, with corresponding answers, before downloading a new app from the App Store. A backup email address is also requested, to protect users in case their main email address - and therefore their Apple ID, becomes compromised.

Customers have been taking to Apple Support forums, due to the confusion about the new measures. As there was no official statement from Apple regarding the new measures before they were implemented, where users have been voicing concerns about the new demands. Due to the lack of communication from Apple, many account holders have been worried that the requests were part of a phishing or malware scam.

Over the past two years, scammers have been hacking into Apple accounts to max out the account balances by purchasing a variety of items: music, movies, games and other apps. The scam was only able to happen, as a single AppleID was required to access a user's entry into the Apple universe.

It is hoped, that these tightened security measures will decrease the number of accounts that are compromised by scammers, and give users more confidence in purchasing online with Apple.

Source: MSN (opens in new tab)