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That Apple Project & Philippe Starck : The Translated Interview

We tracked down the interview of Phillippe Starck where he sheds more light on his relationship with Steve Jobs and the mysterious project (not product) he's working on.

Philippe Vandel, the presenter of "Tout et Son Contraire" (everything and its opposite), a radio programme on the French equivalent of the BBC, France Inter, invited Starck to discuss about a number of things including the laying of the first stone for Mapuce, a restaurant for flea market.

He swiftly moved on to Starck's relationship with Apple's co-founder and asked whether he and Steve Jobs met because they were working on projects together or just for the joy of swapping [ideas, concepts etc].

He replied "For the last seven years, I went to see him once per month at Palo Alto and by the way, I am going there on Monday (today) because even if he is now dead, I am going to meet his wife and we liked to speak about interesting things and in fact, there is a big project which will come out in eight months".

When Vandel asked him, what will it be. He said "you know, with Apple, it's a religious cult of secrecy, we shall say". Vandel replied, how far, "quite revolutionary, we can say, if not more".

He also talked about this collaboration with Virgin Galatic. The first flights, he said, would be in six or seven months, before the end of 2012, with the long delay caused by the explosion of an engine.

Source : France Info

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