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Battlefield 3 Battlelog iOS App Now Live

The Battlelog application for Battlefield 3 has now been released for iOS devices, making it available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Battlelog is a social network platform for fans of the hit first person shooter and with the addition of a mobile application, the service should see a nice new influx of Apple users. It's available for free and includes Battle Feed, which shows up real time notifications of how your friends are progressing through the online portion of the game. You'll get a heads-up when they get new weapon unlocks and awards, as well as showing what servers they're playing on, their stats and more.

The announcement for the new Battlelog app was made on the official Battlefield 3 blog (opens in new tab), with more information said to be incoming.

Publishers and developers have been looking to expand the interaction of their games in the latest generation of shooters, with DICE and EA releasing the Battlelog and Activision debuting its Call of Duty Elite service alongside its own contempory FPS, Modern Warfare 3.

You can download the app from the iTunes store here (opens in new tab).

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