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Final Cut Pro X Will Bring Dual Viewers And RED Cameras In 2012 Update

Apple has leaked some new features of Final Cut Pro X, which will be introduced as a new version by the end of 2012 - bringing with it RED camera support, Dual Viewers, multichannel audio and much more.

Professional videographer Larry Jordan had an interesting meeting with Apple in Las Vegas, where the company discussed some upcoming features of FCP X to be made official in an update, as well as some thoughts for the future.

It seems the current application will receive RED camera support, allowing the software to handle Redcode-capable 4K and 5K cameras. This will eliminate the need of converting RED footage to QuickTime by allowing the edit of RED files natively. Audio Multichannel editing will also be added, enhancing the current mixing of sounds in FCP X.

Another new feature, called Dual Viewers, will be implemented with updates. This will be the equivalent of having separate Record and Source cameras, allowing the user to compare two clips side-by-side.

In the future, Final Cut Pro X won't need to convert MFX files to QuickTime, as Apple decided to add support for the commonly used video format.

Apple has assured full support for FCP X in the years to come with the company also hinting towards a future companion for the application, in addition to Compressor and Motion.

Source: Larry Jordan (opens in new tab)