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Is French Designer Working With Apple On Apple TV?

Famous French designer Philippe Starck caused a ruckus by announcing last week that he is currently working on a secret project with none other than Apple, something that he calls revolutionary and which will be unveiled by the end of the year (within the next eight months).

Starck made the startling announcement during an interview on French radio (France Info, "Tout et son Contraire") and said that he could not say more about the project because of Apple's religious cult of secrecy.

He revealed that he met Steve Jobs once a month for the past seven years and still continues to go to the United States to meet Jobs' wife even after his death in October 2011.

Apple however told All Things D that the company is not working on anything with the company. The news publication pointed out that Steve Jobs could have been working with Starck on a yatch which could be the "fairly, if not very, revolutionary" project he referred to in the radio interview.

Or he could be working on the Apple TV, hailed as many as the next big thing for Apple. The company does takes design very, very seriously, which is probably why Jonathan Ive is such an admired person at Apple. Would it be surprising that the company enlists one of the brightest designers on the planet to help it redesign an object so vital to our lives?

After all, Starck redesigned chairs, toothbrushes and even houses, so why not a telly?

Source : France Inter, All things D

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