Skip to main content Beats Electronic Arts To Facebook Top Spot has overtaken Electronic Arts on social networkin site Facebook, boasting a daily tally of 10 million players a day.

Whilst the company has been in business for roughly nine years, it was only last year after launching on Facebook that the gaming world took notice - its games experiencing tremendous popularity thanks to short puzzles favoured by the female audience.

Currently's most played Facebook game, Bubble Witch Saga now has even more daily players than that of Zynga's popular Farmville. Meanwhile,'s sixth Facebook game, Candy Crush Saga, has just recently inched its way to notching up approximately half a million daily players since its launch last week.

"Our ultimate ambition is to be the leader in our segment of games for the casual social player, mainly female, social and mobile," explained's Chief Executive and co-founder Riccardo Zacconi.

"Our target is to reach Zynga." has plans for worldwide domination - starting with mobile phones. Preparing to launch their games on Apple and Google smartphones and tablets, players will now be able to continue playing their games on the handheld devices from where they've left off on their desktop.

"It can be in a couple of weeks, it can be in three weeks," said Zacconi. "It's close, quite close, but we launch the game when it's ready. It's launched when it's perfect."

Source: Reuters

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