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Marine To Face Possible Dismissal After Anti-Obama Facebook Comment

Whilst the world of social networking is at times littered with nonsense updates such as the weather and hangovers, sometimes it's best to keep it safe - as opposed to say, criticising the most powerful man in the world.

Unfortunately, Sgt. Gary Stein has learnt his lesson the hard way, after the US marine made disparaging remarks about President Obama on his Facebook profile - not to mention posting humorous images on a Facebook page he created especially, named the 'Armed Forces Tea Party'.

Not surprisingly, this has landed Stein in not so much hot water, but a boiling ocean of trouble - with Federal District Judge Marilyn Huff denying a request to block discharge proceedings of the marine. Ruling that the US military had the right to reply to Stein's online statements including: "Obama is the economic enemy...He is the religious enemy...he is the ‘Fundamentally changed' American enemy...he IS the Domestic Enemy," the Marine Corps administrative board argued that Stein committed misconduct and should therefore be dismissed. In addition, the board has also proposed that Stein be given "other than honorable" discharge, resulting in the marine losing his benefits as well as banned from any military base.

Despite the appeal to save Stein hasn't not quite gone to plan, a general will take on the board's suggestions as well as Huff's ruling - and will give out a final verdict on the matter.

Source: ZDNet (opens in new tab)

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