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Microsoft to Integrate Skype in Browsers?

According to a job posting on Microsoft's careers website, the Redmond-based giant is on the look for a Software Development Engineer to work on a Skype project that relates to browsers.

Although there are no explicit references made towards a Skype integration in Internet Explorer, Microsoft hints at this possibility multiple times. The posting is actually made by Team Rendezvous, the one taking care of Skype, and asks for a passionate candidate that will bring "the Skype experience on the Web".

Skype also advertises that the employee will cooperate with various international teams, including the Czech Republic crew that specialises on browser solutions, Estonia's cross platform core library team and also with web plug-in majors from Palo Alto, US.

Microsoft requires for someone with extended Java and HTML5 knowledge, possibly indicating that the future application will make use of these technologies. Also, this is a sign that the software will not use browser-based plugins as Flash or Silverlight.

Considering the fact that the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10, the browser introduced by Windows 8, currently lacks support for both plugins, it does make sense for Microsoft to stick to in-browser services.

We can expect Skype being integrated into other services as Instant Messenger, Lync, Xbox Live and possibly even the video chat service from Windows 8.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)