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Miyamoto Discusses Nintendo's Future

Video game icon Shigeru Miyamoto has been speaking with Spanish newspaper El Mundo (opens in new tab) where he discussed the future of Nintendo once he retires, an upcoming Mario game and what exactly he's working on at the moment.

As part of this talk Miyamoto said that Nintendo was pushing into new areas with its game design since traditional games were now far more accesible and easy to produce on platforms like smartphones and tablets. Considering some believe traditional consoles are a dying breed, he might have a point.

However the future may not always have Miyamoto in it, as he claims to be making steps to prepare Nintendo for his retirement. This includes taking on young developers and sheltering them under his wing while he shows them the ropes of how to become successful and innovative designers.

He also said that he believes the Wii U will have a great future and that some of the games being developed for it include a new Super Mario game - which will be showcased at E3 - as well as sequels in the Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion series.

One final point was on the Nintendo Music IP which Miyamoto claims is important to the company and that he felt its initial offering wasn't representative of what the service could become.

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