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Noon News: Apple Outs App Making Tool, Apple to Intervene in Lodsys Lawsuit, Iranian Double Agent Behind Stuxnet

Google has revealed its financial reports for the first quarter of 2012, with the web search giant managing to pull a very impressive £6.68 billion ($10.65 billion) revenue increase - exceeding analysts' predictions. Comparing the numbers with the same timeframe as of last year, Google has seen a 24 per cent increase in revenue.

Apple has developed a new digital content authoring tool, which allows developers with little programming background to build iOS applications. The patent filed, entitled "Content Configuration for Device Platforms", details how users can create content without even accessing computer code, according to Apple Insider.

Apple has been granted permission to intervene in a lawsuit that Lodsys, a non-practicing entity, has instigated. The lawsuit is being filed against various app developers, where Apple has now been granted a motion to intervene in the case. Lodsys began to send letters of a threatening nature to numerous iOS developers, claiming that their apps - that used in-app purchasing - was violating a patent that Lodsys gained from Intellectual Ventures.

An Iranian double agent implanted the Stuxnet virus, which attacked Iran's nuclear program. The double agent was from group Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (M.E.K.) and used a corrupted "memory stick.32" to impose the virus, at Natanz. Both former and current U.S. intelligence officials have now confirmed this.

Splashtop has released Win8 Metro Testbed, which allows a Windows 8 experience to be had on an iPad. The remote desktop app includes the same touch gestures that will be present in the Metro, according to Splashtop. Developers are now able to test the touch gestures that are native to the Windows 8 Metro operating system, whilst they code and bring together new apps on a Windows PC.