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Paper for iPad: The New Instagram?

Recently art has experienced a revival within the tech scene, thanks to the numerous image-altering and sketch-guessing apps used by many a budding virtual artist. With the likes of Instagram and Draw Something celebrating worldwide success, it was only natural that others would replicate such popularity - a prime example being Paper for iPad.

Reminiscent of the fame experienced by popular photo-sharing app Instagram, Paper has already enjoyed over 1.5 million downloads since its release in Apple's App Store just a few weeks ago. However, what sets this apart from Instagram is not just the ability to enhance your images - but to also create them.

The app has already received glowing reviews by many a creatively gifted artist, but thanks to its ease of use, even the most simplistic of sketches can be transformed into a masterpiece. Plus images can also be shared on social networking sites.

Whilst Instagram had ready-made filters, Paper for iPad involves a bit more artistic thinking - leaving the user to decide for themselves how exactly they wish for their image to be composed. The only drawback is that the only free tool is a drawing function and eraser. Should you wish to go all out and colour, outline, sketch and write, you'll have to upgrade to the premium package - available for $1.99 each (or if bought together in the Essentials Kit, you'll manage to save yourself 4 cents).

Does Instagram have competition? We'll have to wait and see.

Source: PCWorld (opens in new tab)

Mariel Norton is a self-confessed girly geek with a penchant for technology, and previously wrote for ITProPortal, with experience on TheNextWeb, UKFast, WorldRemit, Virgin Media, Google, and more.