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Pottermore Site Finally Opens To Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter fans will now be happy Potter fans now the official Pottermore site has finally opened for registration.

Announced last June, J. K. Rowling's Pottermore site gives Potter enthusiasts the chance to learn more about the books as well as interact with fellow fans, plus the opportunity to purchase the collection in e-book format. The end of March saw the possibilty of downloading the e-books come to life, with sales amounting to approximately $1.5 million in the short space of just a few days - not bad considering the last Harry Potter book came out back in July 2007.

Pottermore is currently in limited beta, but Venture Beat's Sean Ludwig tried registering yesterday (opens in new tab) in order to start exploring the site - however, his attempt proved unsuccessful, with the site explaining: "We'll send you an email to let you know when you can explore Pottermore".

In order to protect children's privacy, the site generates random handles for its users.

A blog post by Pottermore (opens in new tab) suggests that users will be approved gradually: "Over the coming days, we'll be inviting new users onto We're expecting to be really busy to start with and plan to activate new registrations in a steady stream. This means that you may not get access to Pottermore immediately after you sign up but we will get you exploring the site as quickly possible."

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