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PSN Down For Maintenance From 2PM Today

Bad news for PlayStation gamers who fancied a spot of online play tonight - we're afraid that isn't going to happen when you get back from work.

At around 9am, Sony put up a post notifying PlayStation owners that the PlayStation Network was being taken down for maintenance today, starting at 2pm this afternoon, and running through until 2am Tuesday morning.

However, if you want to play online during the maintenance, you have a chance if you sign in to PSN before the downtime begins.

Sony wrote: "If you wish to play online during the maintenance, then you may be able to do so if you sign in to PSN before 14:00 on Monday 16 April 2012."

With the key word being you "may" be able to do so, in other words, we guess there's no guarantee you won't get bumped off the network at some point during the maintenance process.

PS3 owners, predictably enough, aren't happy about the very short notice given here, just a few hours.

One comment on the blog post read: "I don't doubt that the maintenance is necessary, but if indeed it is scheduled then there should be no issue ensuring that customers are given a minimum of 24 hours notice, thus allowing us to prepare and consequently reducing the amount of righteous anger expressed on this forum."

Over in the US, the maintenance runs from 6am through 7pm PDT, so gamers won't have their evening cut out, as they will over here (and to some extent on the east coast of America).

Source: PlayStation Blog