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SpiderOak Blue Secure Enterprise Cloud Storage Launched

SpiderOak has just released its new business cloud storage service, to compete with the likes of Dropbox.

The company claims that SpiderOak Blue is the world's first "truly private enterprise-class cloud storage system", with security obviously being a prime factor when it comes to storing business data in the cloud.

There's nothing complex about this more secure storage offering, however, SpiderOak says that it's just as user friendly, as its existing online storage and back-up solutions.

SpiderOak Blue takes security and data privacy so seriously that companies using the system can be assured that even SpiderOak staff can't access their information, not even under a subpoena.

There's a further boon, in terms of centralised data management being provided to firms, so the IT department doesn't have to administer each user account separately.

Ethan Oberman, CEO of SpiderOak, commented: "Today's companies struggle with the consumerisation of their IT infrastructures. When employees use consumer-oriented tools for enterprise purposes, they run the risk of exposing company data to applications and cloud infrastructure that guarantees neither privacy nor confidentiality."

"SpiderOak Blue combines the ease of use that consumers demand with an advanced enterprise system that lets companies retain full ownership over their data in a ‘zero-knowledge' privacy environment."

SpiderOak's service is built with easy deployment and administration in mind, and comprises of three products. SpiderOak Blue is the basic secure storage platform for small to medium-sized businesses, with the next step up, Blue OpenLicense, placing data ownership in the hands of end users. That's aimed more at schools and universities.

The enterprise level solution, Blue Plus, uses an open source virtual machine, running on the company's infrastructure, to facilitate the management and control of data.