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Valve Working on Wearable Augmented Computer

Valve has announced that it is in the research and development stage of some wearable computing that will augment reality, perhaps in a similar fashion to realised glasses like the ones recently unveiled by Google.

The confirmation was given by Valve's Michael Abrash in a blog post that claimed Valve was seriously looking into how it would all work. Unfortunately the original post is unavailable to view right now, however, he said that nobody really knows how the software and hardware for wearable computing will really turn out, so it needs to be looked into.

"The logical endpoint is computing everywhere, all the time - that is, wearable computing - and I have no doubt that 20 years from now that will be standard, probably through glasses or contacts, but for all I know through some kind of more direct neural connection. And I'm pretty confident that platform shift will happen a lot sooner than 20 years - almost certainly within 10, but quite likely as little as 3-5, because the key areas - input, processing/power/size, and output - that need to evolve to enable wearable computing are shaping up nicely, although there's a lot still to be figured out."

While so far augmented reality has been focused on eyewear, giving a head-up-display like experience, if reality is altered by the computing clothing, then surely it could be considered "augmented" ?

If we stretch the definition that far, who's betting Valve is actually working on a pair of portal boots? Being able to land jumps/falls like that could certainly be considered, "augmented."

Realistically, Valve is also hunting out an electronics engineer to help it develop hardware to improve the gameplay experiences it is known for. Whether this includes the augmented clothing though is unknown at this time.

Source: Digital Trends (opens in new tab)

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