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Windows 8 Metro Is Now On The iPad

Splashtop has released Win8 Metro Testbed, which allows a Windows 8 experience to be had on an iPad. The remote desktop app includes the same touch gestures that will be present in the Metro, according to Splashtop.

Developers are now able to test the touch gestures that are native to the Windows 8 Metro operating system, whilst they code and bring together new apps on a Windows PC. Developers can design and then test new apps for the latest Windows platform, without having to purchase a separate Windows tablet.

"Since Apple's App Store generates over 80 per cent of all tablet app revenue, nearly every software developer that writes apps for tablets has an iPad", noted Mark Lee, Splashtop CEO and founder. "With Windows 8 Metro expected to ship on over 400 million new PCs and tablets annually, these developers have high expectations for an enormous new market. Splashtop lets them turn their iPad into a development testbed to evaluate touch gestures and functionality of their app in a Windows 8 environment."

To use the remote desktop functionality, developers must purchase the remote desktop client app by Splashtop, from the iOS Apple App Store. Users must also purchase Splashtop's streamer program, to be installed on a PC, running Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Source: Tom's Hardware (opens in new tab)