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Windows Phone 8 Devices Due From Samsung Late 2012

Reports show that Samsung will restrain itself from launching more Windows Phone 7.5 devices this year, in favour of completing the development of future Apollo based handsets. The company is expected to launch its next-generation smartphones in October, at the earliest.

This rumour comes from a Taiwanese website and as sources claim, the information affects only their region, but this may have an impact on others as well. The report is also cautious with the launch time frame, as there are no indications of when Microsoft will actually release the upcoming mobile OS.

It seems Samsung-Taiwan believes Windows Phone 7 and even 7.5 are not versions suitable for high-end devices and the manufacturer will only choose to release phones, powered by WP8.

These phones are not expected earlier than October, later this year. In the same month, Windows 8 is rumoured to launch and possibly even its mobile companion.

Pairing this information with earlier claims (opens in new tab) that Samsung may ship three Windows Phone devices this year, one of them running on Tango, makes us believe that the manufacturer will introduce two Apollo handsets.

Samsung currently sells two Windows Phone devices in the UK, the Omnia 7 and the Omnia W, but none of them are available in Taiwan stores.

Source: ePrice (opens in new tab)(translated by Google)