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Apple To Launch Easy App Creation Tool

Apple has developed a new digital content authoring tool, which allows developers with little programming background to build iOS applications.

The patent filed, entitled "Content Configuration for Device Platforms (opens in new tab)", details how users can create content without even accessing computer code, according to Apple Insider.

The patent application states that the computer programming languages are a "hindrance to content creation", confusing many talented content creators and designers.

To address the situation, Apple has come up with software that relies on a graphical user interface.

This tool is similar to the ones used for webpage development. Apple also plans to help iOS developers check their content, on multiple screens, with various resolutions. This includes even the wider displays of computers or TVs.

Currently, iOS apps can be made for iPhone, iPad or both.

"Due to such diverse devices having such diverse capabilities, content must now be created not only once, but often several times so that it can be configured for multiple device types", says the patent application.

"This development has introduced a new barrier to content creation and delivery," realises Apple. Now, in order to ease the life of developers the company suggests that the "lowest-common denominator approach" is the solution.

Source: Apple Insider (opens in new tab)

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